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Lucio Censi

Libra is the sign of the zodiac I was born under and I feel its features as mine: the sense of harmony , beauty, art, balance and justice belong to me.

I have been fond of music all my life and I have been keen on playing the guitar since I was a young boy, this way I have developed my knowledge of music.

As a boy , while I was a student I got some money working as a DJ at local radio stations and popular discoes (in Rimini, my hometown and famous seaside resort on the Adriatic sea).
During this period my father opened a photographer’s shop and I have been practicing photography since then.

When I finished Secondary High School I became an assistant to a professional wedding photographer while, at the same time I was working at a photo laboratory. This is how I started living on photography and this is what I am doing even nowadays.

Wedding and portraiture photography have become part of myself and I feel lucky doing a job I like and I am so fond of.

I am so happy having the opportunity of telling you about my most beautiful day, feeling in harmony with the emotions people live in these moments and I feeI lucky I can do that. And being able to capture a sight, a pose, an expression which is valorizing the portrayed person in the studio or outdoor is so beautiful the same / as well.